Wednesday, April 4, 2012


  Cameron, my fiance, is just like his momma, "crazy" and always cracking jokes, but extremely kindhearted. It is sweet watching them "pick" on each other when they get together, because they cannot stop laughing. We joke that Cam's her clone because they have such similar personalities and looks. We also joke that Cam's younger sister Casandra is my twin, as her birthday is January 8th and mine is Jan 9th, and we also have naturally dark blonde hair we usually lighten. We both are painfully shy with strangers, but goofy and loud with our friends and family. It was cute because we even had similar purses, except hers was a mini version! These pics were taken when we went to Joe's Crab Shack in Plano, Texas. As you can tell we had an amazing time!

dress: Target (on sale for $8!)
boots: Vanity
sunnies/ purse: Forever 21
flower hairclip: Claire's


Camilla Amaral said...

lovely pics! xoxo

Anonymous said...

very cute photos, and yummy those drinks and crabs!

Heather said...

cute pictures:)

Every Day Rachel said...

Yes, the drinks and food were delicious! I love seafood. Not scared to try any food at least once!

Malgoose ♥ said...

follow you back! :)
Gosia :)

Antonella C'est moi said...

lovely pics!!!

C* said...

Great pictures. Your blog is great :D Please visit mine ^^

Anonymous said...

Woowww...Amazing. I like it!!!! Nice Blog Honey, i follow you ;O)))) I hope you follow me back ;))) big kisses from germany ;**

Kate said...

Great post!

mitchinheels said...

You look so pretty darling! btw,i adore your blog so much.can we follow each other?Let me know if u want.