Friday, November 11, 2011

Crazy for My Fashion Crushes

 These are things that I love the style of. If I could get them all that would be amazing, but many of them are so expensive lol! Even though you cannot get the exact item, you can get knock-offs of or buy off ebay. Or at least maybe they can help get you inspired like they do for me! Let me know what items you have on your fantasy/celeb wish list. I would love to see what items you adore.

Shoes: I love buying shoes!!!

1. These Christian Louboutin blue suede heels are $1665! Way out of my price range for a pair of shoes, but don't they look so chic?! You can see these shoes on the Kardashian sisters and Nicki Minaj. I love the fringe and color, but they do come in pink and black as well.

2. I would love a pair of snakeskin shoes. It doesn't have to be the pair below, because they are so popular right now and  there are lots of choices. I especially love ones with ankle straps like Kim Kardashian has. The ones below are also Christian Louboutin and can be seen on celebrities like the Kardashians.

3. I have always loved cheetah print. I have also always loved booties. When I first learned to walk in heels it was with heeled booties so my foot was pop out or get twisted. I find them actually really easy to walk in. These you can also get in many places because of popularity. These can also be seen on the Kardarshians, Eva Longoria and Olivia Palermo.

4. I love the color of these Lanvin blue snakeskin heels Mila Kunis wore.

5. Mila Kunis' Brian Atwood shoes are chic. Can you tell I like blue shoes lol?

6. I love fringe boots. They look boho chic and comfy. The three different colors in the pic are Minnetonka boots. Lauren Conrad has a pair out at Kohl's.

dresses: Dresses are my second favorite thing to shop for.

1. Kate Middleton has a very elegant style. I like that she wears jewel tones and classic shapes. This green dress was lovely. She is wearing Diane Von Furstenburg.  I can imagine wearing this to meet your boyfriend's parents, for giving a speech, or to church.

2. Another dress Kate Middleton wore is this lovely lilac dress that has a defined waist and a loose, flowing bottom. The dress she wore is Alexander McQueen. I don't think I would really have many chances to wear a dress like this, but I still love the look.

3. Kate Middleton wore this cute little yellow dress that is girlie and relaxed. I like the cut little buttons down the front. I can imagine wearing this to your grandparent's house, to have tea with friends, or for a picnic.

4. Vanessa Hudgen's backless dress. I love how it low slung and has pearl and jewel detailing. It looks fun and girlie, yet elegant. This would be cute for a sexy date night or more likely prom.

5. Vanessa Hudgens again with another backless dress. This one though, looks old-fashioned in front, like it could be from another era. The back again is fun and interesting. Plus I love the sequins. This look would be great for dinner out with your grandparents at a fancy restaurant or prom.

6. Megan Fox's tight, bright fuchsia dress is sexy and eye-catching. She is wearing Armani. This is another great  date night or prom look.

7. Megan Fox is wearing a gorgeous, golden embellished  Ralph Lauren dress. It is sexy yet elegant. This dress would be a hit at prom.

8. Camilla Belle is wearing a beautiful Alexander McQueen colorful dress. I love the sleeves and the bottom dress. I think this is one of the most gorgeous dresses I have ever seen. This would be a great dress to wear to prom, an event, or a wedding.

9. Eva Longoria's a sexy red backless dress looks similar in some ways to Vanessa's above, but I like the fact that is a enticing red color. This would be a great prom look or for a party at Christmas or New Year's Eve.

10. Mila Kunis lilac dress is sweet, flirty and lovely. I love the long train and the lace detailing. I would  not have many places to wear this dress, but it would definitely have to be a special event.

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