Friday, April 6, 2012


   On one of our last Texas days, Casandra, Cameron and I decided to take a walk to get lunch. It was already humid and really sunny, but it was breezy so it felt nice. I love taking walks because I find it relaxing and I can think about what's important to me. I always feel like I have my best talks with people when I am moving forward. I know not everyone walks around Texas in cowboy boots all the time, but I did think it would be a cute idea to wear them there. I also thought this graphic tee was adorable because of the heart, but also badass because of the pistols. And isn't Casandra's hippie band so cute?!

shirt: Spencer's
skirt: Rue 21 (you can't tell, but it has little hearts)
boots: Vanity
sunnies: Forever 21

Casandra's daisy headband: Claire's


Malgoose ♥ said...

flower power, power flower! :)
so sunny over there, I want spring to come ^^
greetings from (too) cold Poland!
Gosia Xx

Paulina said...

Skirt is amazing!! <3 neon:D

C* said...

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Steven Brown said...

WOW! YOU HAVE WONDERFUL BLOG! I AM NOW FOLLOWING!. I hope you check mine and FOLLOW: thank you for your time. GOD BLESS!


Every Day Rachel said...

Thanks! Yes I would love to follow back!

Anonymous said...

very cute photos, i love texas ;-)

Jessille said...

aww..cute..u are so stylish:)
btw lets follow each other

Every Day Rachel said...

Yes part of me wishes I was back in Texas for the warmth because now I'm back in a cold area! Thank you for all the wonderful comments!

Inggrid Monalita said...

love the style<3

Wanna follow each other sweetie?

Have a nice day!

C* said...

Thank you sweety :D

Ruth Arthasya said...

U both look nice<3:)
I love the place, where u took those photos!<3

Following your lovely blog<3
It'll be so nice, if you follow me back:)

Have a sparkling day!

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Julie said...

Flower in your hair and flower on the field! I like it very much. Nice location, nice skirt!
Lots of love,
The Cuteberry.
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Heather Honey said...

Love the little headband and cute cowboy boots.

Laura! (: said...

Love your blog. Now following :)

follow back? X.

The chic and cheap said...

very cute outfits!


(visit, follow and comment my blog, i will be more than happy to that back for you too )

Tina Wesson said...

WOW! Very impressive! Can't wait to tell Sandy she was seen in Poland! Completely COOL! Great job! xoxo

Tina Wesson said...

Made me think I should create a blog for Robert....might get his art work some exposure! Inspiring! Thank you!

Every Day Rachel said...

I love that idea Tina! You should definitely make a blog for Robert!

Ana Martins said...

Nice photos!

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