Monday, November 28, 2011

Butterflies at Sunset

  On Black Friday I met up with a friend from high school, Alex, that I hadn't seen in (what seemed like) forever. She has an art blog and she took pictures of me at a shopping center. She had a way of making me feel comfortable even though there were over 50 people around us at all times. Please check out the photos at The Blue Tarp and also check out her other blogs, as she has done many charitable acts such as shaving her hair for a benefit and feeding the homeless! Also, I got some great Christmas presents for my family that I am so excited about giving! Sometimes it is hard to pick out the perfect present for someone else, but half the fun is figuring out what they'd like. Yesterday Becca, R.J., Cameron and I also hosted a post Thanksgiving dinner at our house. It is always fun to have people over and to cook for them, even though it can get a little stressful cleaning up after! I took these photos at sunset, and even though some came out distorted it is fun to try different light settings.

jeans: Target
jacket: Target
tank top: Buckle
boots: Payless
necklace had since 13
belt: Target

My first youtube video! Please let me know if you enjoy it!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Foot Fetish

 Shoes are my favorite accessory and I believe they pull together any outfit. There are so many intricate and beautiful designs for shoes. These are some of my favorite shoes I have seen on celebs. Not all of them are extremely fancy, but I adore the way they look. What do you think of these picks and what celeb shoes would you pick?

1. Kate Beckinsale in Fiorentini and Baker Bean buckle boots. I love boots with buckles because they are relaxed and grungy, yet are stylish. Depending on the outfit you wear, they can look hardcore or they can give  a subtle edge to a girlie outfit. I am happy because I got a pair similar to Kate's yesterday at Kmart and I cannot wait to wear an outfit with them to show you guys.

2. Megan Fox in Jimmy Choo boots. I love how casual boots like these can be wear everywhere no matter the occasion. I love that even though these Uggs are so casual, they have a lovely detailing. These are sheepskin so they are extremely warm. When I looked these up today I realized they are actually on sale from $542.25 to $199.88  which is 63%! That is not something I would like to spend on a pair of boots, but if you can you should totally check them out. (Not trying to promote anything just want you guys to not miss out on this opportunity if you want them.) Or if you are looking for a similar option, there is a pair at Old Navy that I want to get for $20.

3. Diane Kruger in Miu Miu heels. I love how these and sparkly and peep toe. I also like where they cut off at the ankle. I think these would be the perfect holiday shoe.

4. Rachel Bilson in Phillip Lim booties. I love Rachel Bilson's style. I am the same height as her, so like her, I wear heels as often as possible. Her outfits always look put together and the pieces she has always look interesting. I love these chunky booties that she threw on with a cheetah scarf and Chanel bag.

4. Rachel Bilson in Burberry booties.  Again Rachel chooses a great ankle bootie. I love the edge they add to her outfit. The thin stilettos and the multiple straps add a dark and dangerous feel to her dress and heavy jacket.

5. Rachel Bilson in Camilla Skovgaard chain heels. These add an expected edge to Rachel's 70's style dress. I love how chains make anything look more badass.

6. Lucy Hale in Ruthis Davis. First of all I love black ankle booties, but these are even more amazing because of the spike design and the chunky zipper in the back.

7. Lucy Hale in Giuseppe Zanotti heeless shoes. I do think they look really weird and I am not sure I would ever wear them, but I also think they look interesting. I am wondering if they are easy to stand in. I think they go great with her dress.

8. Lucy Hale in Giuseppe Zanotti  gladiator heels. I love how they are chunky and edgy, but she adds a delicate light toenail polish with them.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


  Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone had a great day. I love Thanksgiving because of all the great memories that people bring up and the new ones you make.  And of course I love the food. I love how turkey makes you sleepy, so the atmosphere of the day is relaxed. I had to work, but it was only two hours so I got to enjoy the rest of the day. I decided to show you guys what I wore today because I like how the look turned out. How was your holiday? What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?
 (Sorry the pictures are blurry, I think it was the moisture in the air.)

jacket: Forever21 (just got yesterday for $30)
belt: Target (just got yesterday for $13)
dress: vintage
purse: Baby Phat
bracelet: present from my dad when he returned from Chile
booties: Payless
necklace: Target
eyeshadow: L.A. Colors Shooting Star BES502 and Wet'n'Wild Spolied Brat 336
nails same as last post

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Party Rock

  My sister Rebecca and I went to Spokane for an appointment I had to get my wisdom teeth checked out. We then decided to go out and eat at the Pecking Place, which is a Chinese restaurant. We shared many different dishes because at Chinese restaurants we like eating many flavors and we try to get some with veggies as well. We had lots of leftovers, so the boyfriends were thankful later. We also went around Target and Forever21 and got some cute items I can't wait to wear and show on the blog! We went to Best Buy next and saw that people are already camping out for Black Friday.  There, we looked at presents that we can get the guys for Christmas, since they are into anything electronic. Are you going to go shopping on Black Friday? What type of presents do the men in your life want? Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! Going off to drink some beers with my honey since tomorrow's a holiday. (One of my favorite holidays btw.)  


shirt: Sears
dress: Vanity
tights: Target (old, notice the ugly hole lol)
purse: Target (used to be my mom's)
boots: Payless
nailpolish: Sinful Colors Hottie 831

Monday, November 21, 2011

Fall Flowers

 So even though it is snowy, it thankfully is not icy yet. Tonight I decided to throw on a pair of platforms that I would not have worn if it had been icy. I carried around my favorite big purse with a pair of boots and an extra jacket inside. It was a good thing too because when I was walking around later that night, it started raining hard. I wanted to do a really cute outfit like this, because I am sure during wintertime I will not get many chances to look fabulous. Part of me wants to move back to Texas so I can be warm again! (Some of the photos are blurry cause the lighting is poor. And you get to see how much my hair has faded!) Anyway, going to unwind by reading a book (one of the Vampire Diaries the show is based off by L.J.Smith) cause I have to go to work tomorrow. Have a great evening! XOXO.

Of course I got my hair super straight, but the longer I stayed out, the wavier it became. It always rebels.

jacket: Macy's
shoes: Payless
tights: Target
dress: thrift store
purse: boutique in Red Lodge, MT
necklace: Maurice's
eyeshadow: Estee Lauder Signature Eyeshadow Quad Amber Honey N02 
lipstick: Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Stormy Pink 011
nailpolish: Courtney Orange 30/ NYC Starry Silver Glitter 105/ SPA02 White/ SPA12 Black

Thursday, November 17, 2011


  Dressing up doesn't always have to be fashionable. Sometimes it is good to take risks. Today after work I changed into this casual outfit. I wanted to be comfortable for housework, but still cute running errands. I threw on these pants which remind me of  80's workout pants. Funkytown is a disco song that came out in 1980 and it inspired my outfit. I wanted to be as "funky" as possible. I am not wearing any makeup because I didn't feel like applying it.  The wind was blowing again so it kept twisting my hair in my face so it looks pretty messy. What do you think about this outfit? Is it too "funky" for you? Would you ever wear pants like these or do you think they should stay in the past?

An example of 80's workout outfits.

shirt: American Eagle
pants: thrift store
earrings: Walmart
necklace: boutique in Red Lodge, MT
red bracelet: Walmart
colorful bracelet: found at a bowling alley in Texas
booties: Walmart