Friday, November 4, 2011

Kardashian Week Inspired Outfit #3

 When I woke up today it was super cold and I thought it be the perfect time for this recreated outfit of Kendall Jenner when she was in a New York airport with her sister Kim Kardashian. I decided to take my own photos instead of having my boyfriend or sister always take them. I do not have a tripod, so I had to set my camera on things and had to hope it would work. If anyone had seen me take the photos, they would laugh, because I was running around, making sure the camera was on a good level, making sure my face didn't look too weird, and trying to get a pose before the camera went off! Lol. I know my boots look kinda silly with them hanging open, but when I went to the airport one time the zipper broke when I had to constantly take them off. I wish the zipper had not broken because I love the way these boots look! I like how edgy, yet stylish combat boots can look. I eventually want a pair that is better quality. 
 Even though it was frigid cold outside, this outfit kept me warm and cozy all day including when my household went out to eat dinner at Denny's. I like this outfit because it has a rugged sophistication that looks like you are care about fashion, but that comfort is a top priority. What items of clothing do you find the most comfortable?

Kendall Jenner with her older sister Kim Kardashian. I did not have a baggy black sweater like Kendall so I went for a bright color like Kim's pants.  I also did not have a fringe purse like Kendall (I want one though!) so I used my purse that looked like her hand luggage. 

sweater: Prima- Classe
shirt: Reallitee
bag: vintage
scarf: Target
jeans: Walmart
boots: Forever 21
nails same as last post