Sunday, November 13, 2011

80's Inspired Fashion (Guest Model)

 At the end of October I did a set of decade pictures. My boyfriend's cousin Alexandria asked if she could do an 80's theme for the blog, so she took the photos and sent the pictures up.  Alley is about fourteen and just recently moved from Texas to Arizona. Hope you enjoy Allie's pics! Please let us know what you think of the outfit and Alley's cute pics!

This is little rhinestone jewel on her cheek.

This is her really cute eyeshadow palette.

The eyeshadows have paw prints on them.  She used this navy blue.

She used the green from this Color Theory palette. It comes with 50 colors.

shirt: Rue21
fishnet arm band: Claire's
leggings: Styles
blue eyshadow: Claire's
green eyeshadow: Color Theory
mascara: Covergirl
body glitter: Claire's

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