Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kardashian Week Inspired Outfit #7

  My sister Becca and I went into Washington to run errands that needed to be done and then went out to brunch at the Old Country Buffet. It was our first time eating there and it will most likely be our last. Neither of us were fans because we thought the food was bland. Plus, we were really hoping to still get breakfast items since it was around 11:00, but everything reminded me of dinnertime like carrots and mash-potatoes. What are your least favorite restaurants and why? Have you ever had a really bad experience eating out?
  The day was overcast and ended up raining, but this outfit kept me warm. Surprisingly, my hair stayed pretty straight even though it normally frizzes in the rain.  But my hair likes to have a mind of it's own, lol. Is your hair a pain in the butt like mine? I am not wearing any makeup again, so that may be why I look like a ghost! Lol. The large handbag was perfect for carrying my camera and items I needed for the day. I would recommend a bag like this for carrying around schoolwork or art sketches or as hand luggage at the airport because it has a lot of room inside. It has a strap too if you would rather use that to have your hands free.
  This is my last Kardashian outfit of the week! I had a lot of fun recreating these looks. I was surprised when I was looking up ideas that I could recreate more than a handful of Kim's and Kourtney's looks with stuff I already own, but I guess I can save them for the upcoming months. Hopefully you enjoyed these looks even if you do not like or know who the Kardashian family is. I think they have great style whether it is casual or dressy.

my outfit:
jacket: Macy's
jeans: Walmart ($20)
shirt: Charlotte Russe
handbag: Unlisted
sandals: Old Navy
sunglasses: Target
nails same as last post

Kim's outfit: 
handbag: Hermes
jeans: Jet by John Eshaya ($198)
sandals: Jeffery Campbell

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