Monday, November 28, 2011

Butterflies at Sunset

  On Black Friday I met up with a friend from high school, Alex, that I hadn't seen in (what seemed like) forever. She has an art blog and she took pictures of me at a shopping center. She had a way of making me feel comfortable even though there were over 50 people around us at all times. Please check out the photos at The Blue Tarp and also check out her other blogs, as she has done many charitable acts such as shaving her hair for a benefit and feeding the homeless! Also, I got some great Christmas presents for my family that I am so excited about giving! Sometimes it is hard to pick out the perfect present for someone else, but half the fun is figuring out what they'd like. Yesterday Becca, R.J., Cameron and I also hosted a post Thanksgiving dinner at our house. It is always fun to have people over and to cook for them, even though it can get a little stressful cleaning up after! I took these photos at sunset, and even though some came out distorted it is fun to try different light settings.

jeans: Target
jacket: Target
tank top: Buckle
boots: Payless
necklace had since 13
belt: Target

My first youtube video! Please let me know if you enjoy it!


Britney said...

Love the red jeans, there such a great piece to have and so fun , i have a pair from kohl candies line and love them .. look cute

Every Day Rachel said...

thanks britney. yeah i love colorful jeans!

Anonymous said...

you're so beautiful! <3 love youe hairstyle <3

Every Day Rachel said...

Thank you!