Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sequins and Fur

 It was a busy day for everyone I lived with today. I started my new job. I am a housekeeper at a local hotel. It is a job I have done before so it was fairly easy to get back into the flow. While I was doing that my sister, Becca, was at a work meeting and my boyfriend, Cameron, was at Spokane Community College taking his Compass Test for when he goes back to college. He had gone before, than had taken a break for a couple years, and now he is ready to go back. My puppy Brody was also supposed to get neutered today, but the appointment got moved to tomorrow. Poor baby! After work and my boyfriend's test, we all met up at SCC so Cameron and R.J., my sister's fiance, could register for classes. While the guys did that my sister took some photos of me on campus. I had a lot of people walking around for classes around me, but I still did it lol. We then went to a diner called Molly's where they serve all kinda of yummy food such as jumbo breakfast bowls, sandwiches and paninis, steaks, and more. I got the a seafood platter that included deep fried clams which were actually pretty tasty. I enjoy trying all kinds of different foods. R.J. and Cameron finished there day off by getting Skyrim, the new video game. Do you know anyone who got it? It looks pretty awesome. It has dragons and all sorts of stuff in it. I know the outfit I wore is kinda mismatched and there is many things going on, but I believe with fashion sometimes you should take risks. Would you do something like this? Do you like the faux-fur craze?

Becca and I in the car on the way to din-din. Her headband is handmade and her jacket from Macy's.

jacket: Walmart
headband: Walgreens
shirt: vintage
boots: Payless
bangles: Maurice's
jeans: Walmart
ring: my sister found it. it has an inside inscription saying 'Israel 325'
brooch: airport in Chicago
eyeshadow: Wet' n' Wild Spoiled Brat 336


Winda Tiodang said...

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Every Day Rachel said...

Winda, I would love it if we follow each other. I do not have a twitter right now, but I will add you on facebook and recommend you. Good luck with your blog!