Wednesday, November 9, 2011

White Maxi Dress with Lizard Ring

 New haircolor! I decided to try out a new color for Fall. Do you like it? I think I want to go lighter, but I like how this color makes me look different than usual and it is nice to go outside my comfort zone every once and a while. Around sixty percent of women in the United States dye their hair. Have you tried anything crazy on your hair? If you do dye it do you do it home to save money or do you prefer a professional dye? I also wore a maxi dress which is different than I normally wear. I was worried that the dress would be too long and I would have to take inches off the bottom because I am so short (5'2/157cm). Thankfully, it was the correct length! I have to say, I fell in love with this dress. It is so colorful and cheerful. And the leaf design is perfect for autumn time.

This little lizard ring is so interesting to look at. I love anything animal inspired.

dress: Walmart
shoes: Bamboo
purse: Rosetti
jean jacket: Squeeze Jeans
ring: Payless
bangles: Celtic Moon
necklace: present from my grandmother in Scotland for my 16th birthday
red bracelet: Walmart
eyeshadow: Estee Lauder Two-In-One Eyeshadow Quad Forest 04
nails same as last post

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