Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Party Rock

  My sister Rebecca and I went to Spokane for an appointment I had to get my wisdom teeth checked out. We then decided to go out and eat at the Pecking Place, which is a Chinese restaurant. We shared many different dishes because at Chinese restaurants we like eating many flavors and we try to get some with veggies as well. We had lots of leftovers, so the boyfriends were thankful later. We also went around Target and Forever21 and got some cute items I can't wait to wear and show on the blog! We went to Best Buy next and saw that people are already camping out for Black Friday.  There, we looked at presents that we can get the guys for Christmas, since they are into anything electronic. Are you going to go shopping on Black Friday? What type of presents do the men in your life want? Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! Going off to drink some beers with my honey since tomorrow's a holiday. (One of my favorite holidays btw.)  


shirt: Sears
dress: Vanity
tights: Target (old, notice the ugly hole lol)
purse: Target (used to be my mom's)
boots: Payless
nailpolish: Sinful Colors Hottie 831

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Britney said...

I just cant get over the hair color.. i love it