Thursday, November 17, 2011


  Dressing up doesn't always have to be fashionable. Sometimes it is good to take risks. Today after work I changed into this casual outfit. I wanted to be comfortable for housework, but still cute running errands. I threw on these pants which remind me of  80's workout pants. Funkytown is a disco song that came out in 1980 and it inspired my outfit. I wanted to be as "funky" as possible. I am not wearing any makeup because I didn't feel like applying it.  The wind was blowing again so it kept twisting my hair in my face so it looks pretty messy. What do you think about this outfit? Is it too "funky" for you? Would you ever wear pants like these or do you think they should stay in the past?

An example of 80's workout outfits.

shirt: American Eagle
pants: thrift store
earrings: Walmart
necklace: boutique in Red Lodge, MT
red bracelet: Walmart
colorful bracelet: found at a bowling alley in Texas
booties: Walmart


Anonymous said...

U gotta be kidden me ! whatta hell is that? u fat

Rachel Grosset said...

I am sure you are perfect. Hope that message made you feel great about yourself.