Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Winter Wear

Cam and I are still in Red Lodge visiting his family, and today we went to the river. We saw some turkeys and there was even a white one which I thought was cool, but I guess it means they are being domesticated. When we went to his dad's later we saw deer again, because the town is full of wild animals running around. When I used to live here, sometimes I saw moose and at one point I even saw black bear! What is the animal you were the most excited to see or would still love to see? Do you live in an area with local wildlife or do you live in the city?


dress/ jacket: Macy's (I love sweater dresses in winter cause you still warm, yet chic!)
tights/ scarf: Target
necklace: boutique in Red Lodge (my mum gave it to me a few years ago, it was the last one she gave me so it is very important to me)
boots: boutique in Red Lodge (got also a few years ago. they are rabbit fur and sheep skin and extremely warm. I know not everyone will like them because they are fur.)
earrings: Deb


Britney said...

I love the sweater dress u wear everytime.. stunning . lovely outfit <3

Every Day Rachel said...

Thanks Britney!

Anonymous said...

I like that dress and the new hair, but that photo with the turkey in back is so cute and hilarious!

Every Day Rachel said...

Thanks Alex! I loved having the wildlife in the background!