Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Look #1: Holiday Shopping

 Thank you so much to all the support!!! I have reached 1,038 views! It means so much to me! My goal was to reach 1000 by the end of the year and I am so happy to have surpassed that goal. I enjoy blogging so much and hope to continue to grow and produce pictures people want to see. Please keep coming back and leaving comments and please check out my youtube videos! The link to the video about this look is below. XOXO!!!
 Where is your favorite place to shop? Do you love the mall because of all the fashionable, cute clothes you find? Or do you prefer boutiques and thrift stores so you can find unique pieces? Who was your favorite person to get presents for this year? What did you get them?

This headband piece you can take off and switch with other embellishments.

shirt: Forever 21
shorts: Forever 21
tank top: Walmart
headband: Walmart
shoes: Payless
ring: Payless
watch: Walmart
bag: Target
tights: Target
eyeshadow: Wet'n'Wild Spolied Brat 336


Karsten said...

Wow, Rachel !
You are such a refreshing change from all those skinny wannabe models out there in the world of fashion blogging.
Real women have curves - And I just can't believe the effect the heels and the tights have on you in this outfit.
Not only do you have a beautiful, sweet face - But also such luxurious, sensual curves. What great legs, what intense femininity !
Don't let anybody tell you that you aren't attractive. Because in this outfit you are not only attractive - but also irrrestible sexy.
Love and admiration from Denmark !

Every Day Rachel said...

Thank you Karsten! Yeah, sometimes it hard to be a curvy woman, but I do think people shouldn't focus on being stick thin. My legs are muscular from genetics and doing athletics in high school, and I would rather be healthy than starving.