Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Look #3: Clothing for a Cause

 So when I got off work today, I decided throw on a hoodie while walking my dog Brody. Not only do I really love this sweater from Forever 21 because it is extremely soft, I am happy it supports the ASPCA.  The ASPCA is an organization that helps prevent the abuse of animals. No one is paying me to spread this message, I just really love animals. If you cannot give a lot of money to charity this season, this sweater is a great option to give back to the community and maybe get someone a cute present! There are also other choices at Forever 21 if you do not like this exact sweater. As well as pictures of this sweater, I did another youtube video. Unfortunately, it is a little dark because the days have been pulling in so fast lately, but please watch it and let me know if you like the look!
 What charities are most important to you? Do you support charities by donating your time or money? Obviously, this is a fashion blog, but just because we love clothes, doesn't make us superficial. If any cause speaks to you, I think it is important to support the message.  Did you ever make a difference to your area by lending a hand or speaking up?

Gold glitzy belt!

I really enjoy this "OUI" ring I got at Forevr 21 recently during a 30% off sale! Oui is French for yes. The gold and green sparkles in this polish remind me of a Christmas tree!

This earrings my sister got in France.

cropped hoodie: Forever 21
boots: Forever 21
ring: Forever 21
jeans: Target
belt: Target
hat: Target
lipstick: Maybelline Madison Mauve
nailpolish: Sinful Colors Call You Later 932

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