Friday, December 9, 2011


  For casual days flannel plaid t-shirts are always a great option. What I loved about this shirt is the colors instantly drew me to it. The colors are the perfect Christmas colors!  These jeans are from one of my favorite brands, Apt. 9. I like them because when you are short (I'm 5'2/157 cm), it is hard to find pants that are not too long.  These pants come in petite sizes as well, so it doesn't matter if you are short! The other bonuses of these jeans are that the material is thick and durable and the waist is extremely comfortable. I really recommend getting one or two good quality jeans in your wardrobe because the right cut can cover up imperfections. If you are a curvy girl like me and your tummy is a problem go for a dark wash and make sure the waistband can stretch and hits right below your belly button. What are your best tips for looking good on a daily basis?
  I made my second you tube video! If you watch it you guys will see how dorky I can be! I got my Kardashian Kollection items and I opened them on camera! It's okay if you laugh at me cause I kept laughing at myself! What are your favorite pieces from the Kardashian Kollection? What pieces do you not like the look of at all?

I love how this candycane matches the shirt and of course it tastes yummy!

Since I was wearing many large pieces of jewelry on my hands, I wanted to off set it with a tiny, delicate necklace and stud earrings.

shirt: Target
jeans: Kohl's
boots: Payless
ring: Forever21
watch: Walmart
bracelets: Walmart
headband: handmade
earrings: Primark
necklace used to be my mom's
lipstick: Maybelline Coral Crush 515
nails same as last post

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