Sunday, December 25, 2011


  I wore this purple velvet dress for Christmas! Cam and I are in Red Lodge, Montana still and there is many wild animals that run around the town. You can see turkey and deer in the pictures.
  Hope you had a happy holiday! I would love to know what you wore for Christmas! Please leave a comment telling me what you wore, who you got to celebrate Christmas with, if you traveled anywhere, and what type of presents you got! XOXO

The panda ring I wore. I love pandas because one of my mum's nickname was 'Panda Bear'.

Isn't this teddy bear's nose and little bow tie so cute?!

 Wild deer and turkey!  I wish I had taken a pic of it, the youngest deer let me get within three feet of it!

dress: thrift store
necklace and earrings: Deb
ring: Forever21
shoes and clutch: Payless (last chance to get boots before end of season clearance)
tights: Walmart
makeup: Luxiva Crystal Eyes Gilty Pleasure, Hard Candy Glow in Doll Face and Glamazon Bronze, and Maybelline Madison Mauve lipstick.


Tina Wesson said...

That's a very pretty dress! Glad you all are having fun.... :) Well this old lady wore capri jeans and a t-shirt. Pretty fashionable stuff... but comfy! Ha ha. Oh yeah and slip on plaid shoes. Happy Holidays! Have a great New Year!

Every Day Rachel said...

Thanks Tina! Plaid shoes are pretty fashionable. Gotta love the plaid! Have a great New Year as well!

Anonymous said...

I also have that panda ring, I love it!

Every Day Rachel said...

Juli Ann, i also love the ring. It is awesome! I adore animal jewelry.