Friday, October 14, 2011

Ram Necklace and Owl Earrings

  Yesterday after running a few errands in town, my sister Rebecca, her fiance R.J., and my boyfriend Cameron drove to Spokane, Washington for the day.  We live in Idaho, but it is only about 20-40 miles to get into Spokane. We went to the college, so they could sign some papers for the new semester coming up and set up testing dates. Afterwards we went out to eat burgers at a yummy place called the Satellite where I ordered a buffalo burger. I am never sure what to order at restaurant so it takes me forever to decide! After eating we went to a couple thrift stores and then Forever 21. I found this necklace recently at a thrift store and I love it because it looks old fashioned, but it is unique too.  How many goat necklaces do you usually see out there? My sign is a Capricorn so that is also why I like the ram on it ...and it has a mirror on the back of the necklace!

Earrings I was wearings.

shirt: Macy's
sweater: Macy's
jeans: Walmart
shoes: Payless (very old though)
owl earrings: Red Fox (borrowed from Becca. She has loved owls for years.)
watch: Walmart
necklace: vintage
nails same as last post

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Hilary Nussbaum said...

oh my word awesome jewelry!! im obsessed with that necklace and the cute earrings! great post :))