Thursday, October 27, 2011

50's Style Inspired

  I don't usually wear really long skirts, but today I decided to wear this black skirt to try something different.  The length and style reminds me of a 50's woman's style. In the 50's women were expected to look elegant constantly. Our style today is much more relaxed depending on the area you live in. I think trying out styles from different decades is interesting and fun, and you can always put your own spin on the outfit to make it more modern. For anyone who may be on the shorter side and is worried about wearing a longer length skirt, I would definitely recommend heels or taking the skirt to a tailor to get the perfect fit. I am 5'2 so I felt heels helped me a lot! I thought these heels added a quirkiness to the outfit because they have cutouts!

shirt: Buckle
tank top: Macy's
watch: boutique in La Rochelle, France
bracelet: Walmart
earrings: Big Lots
skirt: Oasis
shoes: Payless
nails same as last post

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