Thursday, October 20, 2011

English Rose

  My mother was from England and I wanted to do something to celebrate her today. Both the dress and the belt I got in England and she had a bouquet pink roses on her wedding day. My mother passed away 2 years ago, but she is always on my mind. I am thankful to her for always supporting me in school and activities and just being a great mom.  My style is greatly influenced by her and I wear a lot of pieces she used to wear. There are days that have been extremely hard to get through, but as long as I keep busy it is a little easier. This blog is a great place for me to put my extra time into and it makes me happy. I hope you enjoy the outfits I put on here and I would love to get to know my viewers better.

The earrings are owls again!

cardigan: Fred Meyer
shoes: Walmart
dress: Next
belt: Primark
bag: vintage
earrings: Red Fox
lipstick: Clinque Butter Shine Lipstick Rouge Fondant Parisian Red 434

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Tina Wesson said...

Simply Beautiful! Love these!