Wednesday, October 26, 2011


  Even though I prefer warmer weather, I do get excited for Fall/Wintertime because of all the great holidays we get to observe!  Halloween is coming up in less than a week and yesterday my household got some pumpkins to celebrate.  My sister Becca was really excited to carve her pumpkin, so as soon as we got home we started designing.  Becca and I usually get large pumpkins, but this year we wanted something different so we got tiny ones.  They turned out to be gourdes, so they were harder to carve into then normal and my sister ended up having to use a drill!
  How do you guys get ideas for your pumpkin designs?  I think most people probably have more professional looking pumpkins than me lol!! I simply look on the internet for something I like, then I make a version similar to it. There are some amazing pumpkin carvers out there!

I chose this white one cause it looks like a skull.

My boyfriend like to do funny faces in front of the camera.

My sister had one with boils. She decided to paint it black to try something different than she usually designs.

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Tina Wesson said...

Great job on the pumpkins! Sandy and I are gonna do ours today...have some ideas! Always loved carving pumpkins with the kids!