Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kourtney Kardashian Inspired Polka Dots

I love Kourtney's style. I watch Keeping up the Kardashians and all the spin-offs.  I think they all have great style and I love their personalities.  I was so excited to recreate a similar look! Do you like polka dots and fuchsia lips?

my outfit
blouse: vintage
pants: DKNY
booties: Walmart
bag: Target
lipstick: Wild`n`Wild 521A (some of it had worn off by the time I took the pics)
nailpolish: Maybelline Express Finish Black 60 Seconds
rings: been in family for generations, heirlooms

Kourtney's outfits:
pants: Kardashian Kollection
blouse: K-Dash for QVC

I have no rights to this picture. I got it from Kourtney's blog at:

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