Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Old Hollywood Glamour

 There are so many pictures lol, but I had so much fun wearing this outfit! I was excited to wear something really nice because my blog pictures so far have all been pretty casual. In a nice dress, it really does help me get into the picture taking mood. The only bad thing was before I took the pictures, I was sitting down for a long time and my feet fell asleep in those huge heels and that made it even harder to walk in!!! I have worn heels a lot, but these are my first platforms that are higher than 3 1/2 ins. How are you at walking in platforms? Can you even walk in heels at all or they too much of a pain in your butt?

These earrings were a present from my boyfriend's mom.

shoes: Payless
earrings: Claire's
dress: vintage
purse: vintage
lipstick: Maybelline Coral Crush
nails same as last post

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Tina Wesson said...

Wow! Gorgeous pictures! Again....love the shoes! If I could I would probably have 2 closet's full of just shoes!