Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rocky Horror Show

  The weather has been extremely windy and cold here lately, so I have not felt the inspiration to do a blog post. Today I kicked my butt into gear and threw on a boho chic/ rocker chick look. Like I said before, I love fringe detailing and sequins on clothing, so this top was an instant must-get. What is nice about the fringe is that it starts off in a crocheted pattern similar to a net, then it cascades down into single strands that reach down to my calf. The sequins create a tree shape, so I paired it with rose print leggings to create a boho/ Earth-friendly vibe. My hair got blown around in the wind, so my bangs look ridiculous, but oh well...

shirtpursebracelet: Forever 21
leggings: Pacsun
shoes: Love Culture
tank top/ jacket: Macy's
nailpolish: Kardashian Kolor in Rainbow in the S-Kylie

1 comment:

Memi said...

Love this purse!
unfortunately, there isn't forever 21 in Italy! =(
but, very beautiful outfits! =)