Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kate Beckinsale Winter Look

  Kate Beckinsale constantly wears her Fiorentini-Baker buckled boots. This outfit she wore is definitely a causal look, but still cute. Since today it was snowing all day long, I decided to wear a similar look. This parka has a faux-fur lining so it keeps me extremely warm. I couldn't tell exactly what she was wearing under the jacket so I put my own spin on the look. Are you going to see Underworld Awakening tomorrow? I am so excited to see it and I hope it is awesome in 3D!

boots: Kmart
jacket: it was my mom's. she got it in England
sweater: thrift store
shirt: Walmart
leggings: Macy's
nails same as last post


Haylee said...

I love this style! I have a coat similar to yours and hers. Love it!



Every Day Rachel said...

Yeah, it is pretty comfy!

Marica said...

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Lana Marie said...

Super cute look!!!!!